Teams Web No Screen Sharing From Chat?

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Is there a reason why the web version of Teams running in Edge or Chrome does not have a button to screen share within a chat like the desktop application?  Is this going to be corrected in a future update of Teams web?

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You can start an audio call and then screen share. But haven't seen anything about it getting added. I'm sure it's on the back log but it's like that for everyone currently.
Thanks Chris. I'm aware of the audio call workaround, and this is what we've been telling our users that are in Teams web. I was just curious more than anything because it seems that it would be a simple change but maybe there is some technical reason why it hasn't been implemented.

Hi @jdbst56 


I've been using Web Teams from linux about 2 years ago. I could do every thing I did in a linux desktop client (witch performance is embarrasing): share screen, share files... It was the same but with less resourses usage.


Latlely I've notice I am not able to share my screen on a meeting, or I couldn't find where.

It smells to me like a disabled capability to force users to move to Desktop Client (thing I'll never do, more if you have other alternatives to do it like google meeting, zoom...).


I asked for that on twitter. I'll share here if I discover something.

En cristiano, la costumbre...

He estado usando Web Teams desde Linux hace aproximadamente 2 años. Podía hacer todo lo que hacía con el cliente de escritorio Linux (cuyo rendimiento es vergonzoso, dicho sea de paso): compartir pantalla, compartir archivos ... Era lo mismo pero con menos uso de recursos.

Últimamente me he dado cuenta de que no puedo compartir mi pantalla en una reunión o no encuentro dónde hacerlo.

Me huele a una capacidad deshabilitada para obligar a los usuarios a pasar a Desktop Client (cosa que nunca haré, más si tienes otras alternativas para hacerlo como reunión de google, zoom ...).

Les pregunté en Twitter. Compartiré aquí si descubro algo.

@MartinMartosSimon have you changed to Wayland? It's still not supported. I returned to xorg and i can share my Linux desktop and workspaces

@Cesarius1970I was using X11.

It was a cookie trouble.

I had to add some 3 party cookies domains and now I can use it.