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Will the Teams Web App ever get more than a single video feed in online meetings?


My organisation doesnt let our employees use the client app from unmanaged devices because theres no way to restrict files downloads to the local device. Web app would be fine if users can see multiple people in meetings, currently you can only see the person who is talking.



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Hi @Mondas

There is a uservoice open for it here - recently opened (August 2020)

Would vote to push it up the agenda. This is something I have voted for and want to see too. By voting, you will be notified if Microsoft picks it up. I imagine there may be multiple uservoices so I would see also if there is one with more votes

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard Thanks for this, will do.


I cant believe theres not enough people jumping up and down about this one. For companies who want to keep their estates as secure as possible, using cloud app security with various policies, having to push users to the web apps to be more secure that Microsoft havent sat up and taken notice and tried to apply what they have done in the client app to the web app. I guess its a numbers game...just a shame as it really hurts us as we're doing the best for the company but the end users never stop complaining.