Teams Web App : audio issue ONLY when video is on

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A colleague has a weird issue where her Teams (web app) microphone will only work when her webcam is switched off. The settings in the 'Customised Settings' don't appear to be reflected when she turns her camera on but the audio instantly cuts off and returns when the video turns off. She can still hear me regardless so it seems to be just a microphone issue

I'm assuming Teams is somehow thinking that there's an audio device on her camera when it's switched on but there doesn't seem to be a way of seeing this change from the settings panel. 


Has anyone else experienced this and does anyone know how to fix?

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@Daleos What is described in this post is exactly what is happening to me now.  IT cannot figure it out.  There is nothing changed on my account, there is no new equipment involved, I successfully participated in Teams meetings and chats for years with this same laptop and equipment until about a month ago.  Now, I have to turn my camera off in order to have people hear my words in these meetings.  Has anyone figured out what is causing this?