Teams was asking to approve the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions

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I thought to play with approval tool on Teams chat, but when I was ready with the details and press [Sent], Teams popup following message:

TC Forum - Privacy Policy.png


When using our own tenant, I was expecting to not get question like this. But does this have something to do with Bots?

When receiving question like that, does it means the Bot stores my data out of our tenant?

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Did you find an answer to your question? We have the same popup window and don't know how to hide it. Otherwise in all new chats this question will be asked. Thank you!

Sorry to say, but I'm still having that popup on there. No clarifications why it is popup to me.


And it would be better UI design, if there is a "decline" possibility on there as well. Now you just close it, but from statistics point of view (if there could be such) we cannot see how many has declined this or just closed as they decided to cancel it.