Teams VOIP signalling protocol and TCP port numbers?

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I understand MS teams is using HTTP/HTTPS TCP port 80/443 for call setup,


So If I want to apply QoS how can I capture the specific HTTP/HTTPs traffics for MS-Teams? excluding all the other web browsing traffics. The requirement is only to prioritise MS-Teams voip signalling traffics.



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You don't need to set up QOS on the setup traffic, just the UDP.
Hi Ed,

Thanks for the reply,

I am pretty new to Teams telephony system, wondering if you can shed a little more light?

When I worked on traditional VOIP systems, like Cisco phones, we normally put voice signalling traffics (SIP/H.323/Skinny) into CS3 with dscp marking 24.

Wondering why it is unnecessary to apply the same for MS Teams?