Teams Voice configuration Slowness and other voice issues

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Anyone else experiencing extreme slowness when provisioning almost anything in teams voice?


Our setup is Hybrid with Direct routing.   Roughly 3500 total users, 3000 of them on-prem voice in SfB, another 500 have made the journey to Teams voice.  


We've found that moving users from SfB to Teams an excruciating slow one.  The commands 'take' instantly - but the application of the commands take forever.   For instance - I can do a move of a user from on-prem to cloud, and it shows the user in-cloud reasonably within a few moments.   However - it takes (seemingly) minimal of 4-6 hours, but usually closer to 20-22 hours before a user gets policy, a dial-pad, the ability to call etc.   (Receiving calls is usually near instant - but the ability to get a dial-pad takes forever).  Creating a new call queue (Resource account, queue, adding a # etc) takes similar times.       We even tried to pre-build accounts (unassign a phone # and assign it later) and even assigning a fake # and flipping it during a migration window.   Both of which caused outages between 12-20 hours for those call queues.   


Queue memberships are done via security group on prem  (AD connect to Azure, etc).   Changing group membership takes 4+ hours (minimum) and worst I've had is 14+ hours.    I can force a delta sync, and see it in Azure AD near instantly, but before Teams picks it up or 'applies' the change is forever.


Also - Hybrid routing (Audiocodes SBC) there's a substantial lag in answering calls (5-10 seconds regularly).   We're not using Direct Media which may make this better; but driving our users nuts (we didn't/don't have this issue in SfB on premise before). 


Also on the call queues - (not a slowness issue, but just another issue reporting):  SfB firmware phones (3pip) cannot answer a cloud call queue (yet it rings) - it must be answered by a Teams Client (3pip phones can answer direct calls just fine).   Also - any response group (on premise) if it includes any 'Teams' user - the calls to queue instantly get picked up by the voicemail of that Teams user.   However - if you have a Teams call queue, it appears you can have an on-premise SfB user answer fine. 


Teams as a single-line handset seems to work well (direct calls in/out - once you move past the delay in provisioning) - but any advanced feature and it seems to completely fall apart.   Everything else about Teams is fantastic - I'm a huge advocate for Teams; but this delay/provisioning is killing us. 


Last note: We did bring up the slowness with MSFT Premier (which we talked directly to product group); and the answer was "Well we met a 24 hour SLA" which is complete b.s.  Try troubleshooting something with your end users - make a change.  Take a guess if it will take effect within 2 hours or 20 hours, try again - and only then to realize you need one more change and rinse/repeat.



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You are not the only one, I also see the slowness when doing changes in Teams like assigning policies. I heard that Microsoft are aware of this and working to get an better solution but I don know when.


For the Direct Routing and lag when answering calls I've not noticed. I've seen that problem when answering Call Queues calls on a 3PIP phone, then you have to wait for a couple of seconds before the Callee can hear anything from the Caller.


You should also talk to your Service Delivery Manager at Microsoft and they will be able to get some attention to this problem.

I had to wait one Week after the Teams direct routing configuration to see the phone working on Teams. The same issue cofiguring AA/CQ . Hope that MS will fix a.s.a.p.

@Samuel BentrupWe also have Audicode SBC and have moved users from Skype for Bus on prem to Microsoft Teams and now when external callers make a call to a member in Teams we don't hear for 5-7 seconds. I will say hello but will have to wait to hear the external caller. Did you find out any more information on why this call delay?


Bill sorry for the delay in response - I haven't signed into tech community for a while and hadn't noticed the reply. I'm happy to share configs with you and we can compare if desired.
I am in desperate need of help with this issue.

Please! Anything that can be shared?


Are you using AudioCodes SBCs?   Teams Direct routing?  If so I'm happy to help share some configs.  A little more clarity on the problems you're facing would help :D

We are using Teams Direct routing. I have given up on the call que from the AA for now. I am routing directly to a user as an operator. There is a 6-10 second delay still when the user picks up the call on her Poly 600 Teams phone before the other party can hear her talk. It was way worse with the call que. Maybe what would be best is if i start my own thread. looks like my issue is slightly different at the moment.



I would look at Call Queue - Conference Mode; that works significantly faster.   It's an option in the admin center where you edit the call queue.


Conference mode is an option in call queues that significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to connect Teams VOIP calls and PSTN calls to an agent. For conference mode to work, agents in the call queue must use one of the following clients:

  • The latest version of the Microsoft Teams desktop client, Android app, or iOS app
  • Microsoft Teams Phone version 1449/ or later