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Hi all,


We are trying out Teams voice to replace our current phone provider. As calling with Teams is more user based then device based we are running into a little challenge with our call queue.


We have multiple users that are scheduled on our servicedesk some days a week but on other tasks the rest of the week. When they are on the servicedesk they obviously should receive the phone calls for that call queue but when they are doing other jobs they shouldn't (but still be available on their Teams phone number).


The only way we could figure out ourselves would be to create an open Teams group and let the users join and leave the group. The call queue would ring that group.


We were wondering if there is a better way to achieve this as it is manual work everytime and people could 'forget' to check in to the group.


Any advise is appreciated :)

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When you setup the Call Queue you have the option "Agents can opt out of taking calls", if you select this agents will be able to select if they should receive calls for that specific CQ or not. They have to do it manually but when they forget to sign out from the queue they will get calls and be therefore also reminded to sign out.

Create a call queue in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


In March 2021 you will be able to connect a Call Queue to an Teams channel, and get more information about the Queue. Other agents will be able to see who is signed in.

Ignite 2020: Advanced calling capabilities —

@Linus CansbyThanks you for the information.


Seems like the March 2021 update will be exactly what we were looking for.


For now we will use the opt-in and out url at


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You also have the opt-in / opt-out settings in your Teams client. Open Settings (click on your profile picture in the upper right corner), Select Calls and you should see Call Queues you are a member of and able to opt-in/out from.