Teams Voice - Call queue Poly Pone with CAP account not ringing VVX310

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Hi there,

             I want to to use a Poly Phone and put the Poly CAP account or fully licenced account into a Call Queue.

When I do this the Poly will not ring. The Poly works as expected when calling directly or making calls. All other accounts (full TV lics.) work as expected within the Call Queue.

I have also used the "CAP Account" on a Yealink Teams phone and it works correctly within the Call Queue.

Can you advise on why the poly won't ring when in the Call Queue?

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CAP Accounts are not supported with Call Queue and Auto Attendant. Hence this would be a unsupported by Microsoft Support Teams as well.

This is something we faced an issue and when we reached out to Microsoft Product Team we were informed that the Call Queue and Auto Attendant with CAP Phones are unsupported.

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