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I need the ability to have read only files in TEAMs.  However the option is not available for my users.  I only see Owner,Member, and Guest. 

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It doesn't exist. Office 365 groups are 100% collab, no read only.

You can however go to your connected SharePoint site "Open in SharePoint" and select the folder and use "Share" to share it out as read only with others outside the Team. But you can't give someone read access to conversations and files via the Teams interface.

I thought this was available about a year ago but not anymore.  or am I dreamin? @Chris Webb 

It might have been something they moved on the roadmap or working on it, but I haven't seen anything on it. I know for fact you can't do it today. What tomorrow holds I dunno.

@Mainiac144 By default any member of the team will be able to edit files stored in the associated SharePoint site.


You can go into SharePoint directly to create folders and/or doc libraries that have non-inherited permissions. In that case, you can put "everyone except external users" as a permission level "read" and then anyone in your org can view the files.


Note: don't put Everyone into the SharePoint Visitors group, because there's an auto process that moves it out.

@Kevin Crossman 

When I use the google machine visitors was available in Teams but not anymore.

My work around is for the particular team is to change the members to read only.

Alternatively we can have a AD group created consisting of all employees in the organisation and add it to the SharePoint visitor group.

All you have to do is pop out to the SharePoint site and add a group to the site that has Read only access. That will handle the files permissions.  It's true that its not automatically provisioned as a part of O365 Groups but I do this quite often when I'm using the underlying SharePoint site for News and other "public" uses.  It's the best practice to then add people to that group for read only access to the site, lists and documents without adding them to the Team itself which does not support this for chat (obviously).  @Mainiac144 

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