Teams view-only meeting experience

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does schedule meeting support  view-only meeting experience ?  




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Yes, but as default the view-only mode is disabled. It must be enabled by an administrator first in the meeting policy.
Yes , we ready Set-CsTeamsMeetingPolicy -Identity Global -StreamingAttendeeMode Enabled . So I can create shedule meeting or webinar all can support view-only meeting experience ?
Yes, you can.

If you have other Meeting Policies make sure that you have changed the settings for them as well, or that your account is not assigned to one of those policies.

@Linus Cansby  : your mean is need edit to everyone then attendee view-only meeting experience can join ? if set People in My organization then attendee can not join with view-only  mode ?



If you want people outside of your organization to be able to join the view-only experience you have to set the bypass lobby setting to Everyone. The first 1000 attendees will join to the regular Teams interactive meeting and presenters can admit them from the lobby, but the rest of the attendees that joins as view-only cannot be admitted from the lobby, presenters will not see that they are waiting in a lobby.

And if you are hosting an event with more than 1000 external attendees you probably want to allow Everyone to bypass the lobby.

@Linus Cansby :  I want only people of your organization can join and must login by account our organization . So can choose option People in my organization and meeting still can support Teams view-only meeting experience ?



Yes, If you set "People in my organization" all users in your organization will come direct into the meeting and the view-only meeting.
How about license require view only mode , need assign license for organization owner meeting is M365-E3 ? and attendee can use license e1 ?
Organizer of the meeting need a Microsoft 365 E3, E5, A3 or A5 for view-only broadcasts to work.