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I'm having a very odd issue with Teams on macOS (10.15.5).


After a few video calls with colleagues which work fine, video stops working in the large window. 

If I minimise the window by clicking chat or Teams, the other person is visible once again, but only in the small window. If I click on the small video window to make it large again, it just displays their profile picture. 


Randomly, if I try to then add other people to the meeting, the video starts again. 


It's really frustrating...


I've uninstalled Teams, cleared the cache and reinstalled, but the same issue persists. 


Does anyone else have this issue?

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@Mark Allford - Hi Mark, if you are able to report a problem by clicking on the lower left hand side of the Teams client (looks like a question mark), we'll be notified of the issue.  If you'd like to troubleshoot, you can go to and they'll have a look at your logs to see what might be the problem.  That behavior is certainly not normal.  


@Mark Allford 


I have exactly the same issue..


  • When I initiate a direct call, video is not showing in big screen (exactly it is showing in the small screen when minimize)
  • When I receive a direct call, video is working fine (both in small en big screen)
  • When I start a ad hoc meeting first and invite other attendee(s), video is working fine (both in small en big screen)
  • When I join an existing meeting, video is working fine (both in small en big screen)


Do you found a solution in the meantime?


Thx! Regards,




@ErikvBueren Afraid not. Still, the same issue, although, I'm on an iMac (late 2013) and the issue doesn't happen on my MacBook (late 2019).


@Mark Allford I have the exact same issue and it's been going on for months now. Several users from my company have the same issue and are very frustrated. We're ready to drop Teams because no resolution has come to us. Our IT department is working with Microsoft.


For the time being I gave up and I am using different apps.


@TrueVideo for me, it's not about dropping Teams all together, as the benefits of the other features it has far outweighs not being able to see someone periodically.


I've tried disabling hardware acceleration as well, but to no avail.


@Mark Allford dropping Teams is temporary until Microsft solves the bug. Not seeing the other person on a video conferencing tool outweighs all other functionality. We have been testing on all kinds of Macs and we're also having similar problems on PCs. Just in the past week, 277 users reported the same issue in my company.