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My users are having an issue with webcams not working in Teams when they join a meeting from  the link created when setting up said meeting.  If they make a call directly to someone, the webcam works fine.  Likewise if someone calls them direct.  However as soon as they user the meeting link to join a conversation, the webcams no longer function normally.  Is anyone else experiencing this?



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Have they checked the device settings?
Seems strange indeed! All on same client, web vs desktop! Same camera?
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@adam deltinger 

Yep, just checked with my users.  All desktop environment.  All enterprise machines with the same build.  We are thinking it might be the Lenovo monitor that they are using.  The T22v-10 model may be the culprit.  We've had initial luck with swapping that out for a different version and so far that may have resolved the issue, but there is nothing special about the webcam in that monitor(no specific drivers for the camera) so I have no clue as to why it failed in that specific usage situation. 

You may have hit on something there, @BDavis80   Please let this community know if it turns out not to be the Lenovo monitors.