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Good morning

I have a scheduled meeting for Tuesday which I have been conversing with someone and arranged via my Gmail email. They sent me the invitation to my Gmail account and I accepted so it's in my calendar.

I only have Teams set up on my phone with my work email address and it won't let me use my Gmail to set a new account up because my mobile number is already registered via my work email.

If I click on the link my associate has sent to my Gmail inbox on the scheduled time on Tuesday, will it still work and just go through my work Teams account on my phone?

I won't have access to a laptop or any other device at the time the meeting is scheduled so that's why I have to use my mobile phone.

I'm not bothered if it does go through my work Teams account, I'm just worried it won't work through that when the invitation has been sent to my Gmail account. This meeting is too important to be missed or have me messing around trying to get it to work for the time it is scheduled for!
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@Missh770 Hello, this shouldn't be a problem. As long as you have the Teams app installed the behavior will be the same on all devices, meaning you don't have to have an account set up. Right @Steven Collier 


Any chance you can reproduce the scenario before the meeting? In that way you can focus on the meeting and not if it's going to work or not.


Join a meeting without a Teams account - Office Support (