Teams Version and Jabra Panacast 50 Camera

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Teams version does not work with Jabra Panacast 50 cameras. The camera does not show up even though it will work with other applications and the browser version of Teams. 

This problem drove us crazy because some people weren't seeing the issue and other people were. We finally isolated it to those with version were having the issue and that by rolling them back to version Teams would be able to use the camera.


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There is another thread reporting the same problem and the solution is to rollback Teams version to a previous one that pertfectly works. The other thing you can do is to report the problem to both Microsoft and Jabra so they can work on a fix.
rolling MS Teams back to 1.4 does indeed help, but there is no "normal" way of restricting MS Teams from automatically updating again (WHY!?!). This is super annoying... Teams is such a mess as a product OMG.