Teams uses a cloud based Azure voicemail service. What Azure service is processing voicemails


Teams voicemail is processed by a cloud based Azure voicemail before it is sent to the users mailbox.


What Azure service is actually processing the voicemail as I need to know what region it is hosted in.  It is not clear in the Azure products by region  as there is no entry for voicemail.

I am assuming it is part of the Azure Speech Services but there are no references confirming this?


Can anyone confirm

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@Nikki1 I assume you're referring to the transcription feature? Quoting from 


Voicemail messages received by users in your organization are transcribed in the region where your Microsoft 365 or Office 365 organization is hosted. The region where your tenant is hosted might not be the same region where the user receiving the voicemail message is located. To view the region where your tenant is hosted, go to the Organization profile page and then click View details next to Data location.