Teams Users Migration from to ( Same tennant )

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we are in the process of migrating from on premise to O365.

Our previous infrastructure utilised on premise exchange and licenced teams accounts for our telephony.

We have since migrated on premise exchange to Office 365, so now we have dual credentials on our machines.

Outlook > ourdomain 

Teams> onmicrosoft


We would like to now migrate completely to ourdomain .com.

How would we go about this seamlessly to ensure no conversation history loss, and to maintain all current channels and groups.


We have in our Active users lists.

our domain  > Exchange Licence

onmicrosoft domain > Teams Licence


We want to consolidate this and licences to the @domain account and maintain all current data ( Conversations history, Chanel, Groups so that it seamless to the user ( IE log out of Teams @onmicrosoft account, log into teams with domain account ) everything looks and works  the same

Appreciate any direction with this.

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Hi @anthonygderealone ,

for this purposes, you need to setup Azure AD connect and an Exchange Hybrid scenario.


Your OnPrem accounts will be linked to your O365 accounts with Azure AD Connect. Afterwards your users can access Teams with their AD OnPrem account.

But I would suggest asking a local Microsoft partner in supporting you in this project.


Here are some links with further informations: