Teams user shows up twice in the same meeting

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Hello Teams Community,


Please I need your help on this.


One of our MS Teams users has a problem where the account shows up twice in a meeting. 1 normal account and 1 guest user at the same time.


The user is only seen as a guest user when calling from the mobile version of the Teams app.


When using the Desktop Teams app this problem does not occur.


Could you please help? 

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is this meeting a scheduled meeting with any Teams channel or just a regular Teams meeting, if a Teams channel meeting is the user being added as a guest to that channel, Also the user might have a guest account on the tenant have you checked that part?
Thank you for your reply. I will answer your questions:

It only affects this user and can indeed be reproduced in all meetings that this user joins, including meetings created by the user.

This is an internal user for our organization and also does not have a guest account of any sorts in our domain.

it happens with any regular Teams meeting, no channels.

When user only joins from Mobile, the user is seen as guest and has to wait in the lobby until someone lets the user in.

The user only uses the same Teams / Microsoft account on both devices. There is no Teams channel involved and the user does not have a guest account, I checked this.

The user only joins the meeting from the mobile device, using the Teams Calendar. No Number dialing.

I would also like to add that this user had no problems until the user had gotten a new Mobile phone. With the Teams app on the new Mobile phone this problem started occurring.

On this phone I also tried removing the account, clearing the Teams app cache and clearing the app data, as well as reinstalling the Teams app entirely but it did not help.

Looking forward to your response.