Teams User Activity Report is not matched real records


Hi There,

I'd like to know how the user activity is recorded in Teams data. 


Is it possible that it does not match the actual record with the record that appears in the user's report? I checked the history of the screen sharing time of a specific user in the organization, and user shared the screen for about an hour actually, but the record recorded in the user's report was about 10 minutes.


How does it record? is there any mechanism for this? 

Thanks in advance. 

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Reports are always offset by few days, they are not showing real-time data, so make sure you're comparing the correct data. Moreover, if you are looking at the reports in the M365 admin center, you will observe further discrepancies. Microsoft is working on aligning those, you can check the roadmap for more details.
Hi Vasil,
Thanks for your reply.
Actually I didn't mean the real-time data. I've checked the data collected on July.
User A shared his screen in Teams for 1hours but it recorded just 10 minutes on last July.
Does this happen occasionally? Is this scoped to be support by O365 support ticket?
Opening a support case wouldn't hurt :)