Teams usage report - what is post/reply/channel messages about?

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We are kind of doing our own analytics based on the usage and therefore it would be great to understand the numbers especially "Reply messages", "Post messages" and "Channel messages".



  • Post Messages is the number of all the post messages in channels in the specified time period.
  • Reply messages is the number of all the reply messages in channels in the specified time period.
  • Channel messages is the number of unique messages that the team's users posted in a team chats during the specified time period.

So is Channel messages the sum of all channel posts? The numbers don't add up in our report.

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@Thomsch It's confusing, but here's what I go by:


Post messages are the messages that start off a thread or conversation in a channel. They can be normal posts or announcements.


Reply messages are the responses to post messages.


Channel messages are the total number of messages posted to a channel. These include posts, replies, and system messages.