Teams usage report no longer shows the team name

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I used to run regular usage reports to check the level of engagement with various teams. Data about individual users was anonymised, but I could get a list of teams, with stats about how many channels/files/posts etc had been created. The report no longer shows the team name, just an ID number, which is meaningless. I can no longer identify teams that aren't actively using the app, and offer them support and training.


It seems I can resolve this in the M365 admin centre by turning off the option to anonymise teams data. But unless I've misunderstood, it's a global setting - it will turn off anonymisation about individual users. We don't want to do that - we want individual user data to remain anonymised. We just want to see the team names. Is this no longer possible? 





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It's a global setting, yes. It applies to user, team, group, site and so on identifiers, you cannot toggle it selectively for just a single type.