Teams Updates - 2 Weeks Later

Donovon Dildine

Is there any way to get any official word from Microsoft? I believe there could be many of us still not getting any updates to Team, it has been two weeks since the announcements, the updates page shows there should have been two updates throughout Sept. So at this point should we be reaching out to 365 support? I'm just trying to see if there could be some sort of blockage in the administrative settings, etc. 

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Have you checked the roadmap? Is it any certain feature you miss or want to know the roadmap for?
Some of the features has rolled out and some we have to wait for! A lot of announcements were made about teams and many of them is still ahead
Also make sure to read up on lastest blogs and #microsoftteams on twitter for latest news!!


Understood, problem is that we have no updates since Aug. 31st at all, not even the two listed in the rollout for Sept. 

You just have to be patient, it can take up to a month for things to roll-out to everyone. Usually once the announcements that say rolling out now, it usual rolls out to a targeted Teams release "which you can't opt directly into" and then starts slowly trickling out to everyone else. Some features will happen all at once, it just depends. I'm sitting on ver. currently.

Understood, so does your T-bot only show Aug 31st as well? This site shows two earlier Sept. releases that we don't see as well (not counting any of the Ignite mentions) Thanks


Yes, T-Bot takes awhile to get updated, or at least it wont' update until all the changes are live across everyone.
Talking about the blur effect?
If you’re not having it , you will soon :)

Ok thanks, I was worried that there was some delay due to administrative settings. 

Nope, no current way to control Teams releases etc. So your good!

As far as I know Background Blur is deployed 100% for Windows clients, but there can be an issue where it doesn't appear until you do a log out and back in. It also wont ever exist for some older PCs with chipsets prior to Intel Haswell.

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