Teams - Update issue in chat

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I'm admin within my company and we are many facing the same issues within Teams.

When we receive a 1:1 chat, we may have the popup that informs us, but when we go to the 1:1 chat, the message is not visible ; we have to kill then restart Teams to refresh the content and show the chat.


NB : people facing this pb are connected to multiple tenant (we access to the tenant of our customer for their project) and have to switch between these tenants to read the messages


Is there any of you facing the same issue and how can we solve it ?


Thank you for your help :)


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I have also experienced this problem. It seems to be only users connected to multiple tenants that gets this problem here as well. Signing out from all guest tenants seems to fix the problem, but its not a solution..

Been able to find any answers, Pierre?