Teams update breaks video and audio devices

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We have any issue with a couple devices. The Call and Video call buttons are greyed out and the Device options just show as 'None' in Teams Settings.


The Audio and Video devices work fine in all other applications. If you uninstall teams and reinstall the device work in Teams, however when Teams does an update to the latest version it stops working again.


We use Intune, we have noticed this issue on 2 devices so far. Interestingly when you hover over the Video Call Icon it says 'Video Sharing is Disabled by the Administrator', that's not the case because it's definetly turned on in Admin Center.


Any help would be appreciated




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I have the same today on my HP EliteBook with Windows 11.
Teams version 1.5.x seems to cause the problem. If I downgrade to 1.4.x, I can make calls again.,


I have exactly the same problem with 5 users.

In App Permissions I can only change the first option not the rest.

The online version of Teams works OK. I use it as a workaround. 



Hello Joshibob,
See the answer from Microsoft

 Taiwo (Microsoft)
Thursday, February 17, 2022 12:15 PM GMT

Hello Admin,

Thank you for the proactive and brilliant collaboration on this support request.

We have had similar request since earlier/late last week where Users are unable to hear audio and speak in calls when using Microsoft Teams desktop version

The issue is confirmed with the latest update, we did confirm that downgrading to or using web client mitigate the issue.

The Product Team are aware of this and currently working a new build to mitigate this as soon as possible.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience experienced.

best regards,

Microsoft 365 Technical Lead

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