Teams transcripts/subtitles missing

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Hi all,


Not sure if anyone can help, I have tried searching.


Since Teams recordings have started to save in users OneDrives, our users can no longer get access the the subtitles file that goes with it. The only workaround I have found is to upload the recording to MS Stream and it will produce me a Captions file to go with the recording.


Is this the only way? Seems a bit of a long winded way to me...

Thanks everyone :)

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Hi, there's a feature gap and the transition of these to OneDrive/SharePoint is ongoing. The following gaps exist today (updated Feb 16th) according to a Message center post.

Ability to block download of the video by meeting participants
Ability to view and edit the transcript in the player.
Non-English language transcripts/captions
Variable playback speed in video player

Status is rolling out for this roadmap id btw