Teams transcript Disappears

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Hi all,

I'm having an issue where Transcripts are available, then they are not. Steps:

1. I go into the Calendar app in Teams, and a transcript is available:


2. I hit the back button in Teams (or anything else).

3. I come back to the same meeting, and the transcript is no longer available:



This happens in the app as well as using the web version.


My goal is to get these transcriptions. Anyone have any advice?



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Don't use the back button ;) Not sure what's going on really, if it stays like this I would reach out to the official support, i.e. create a ticket from the admin portal.

Hi @Jeff_Kotz  Not sure if this is your exact issue but does this help? Missing meeting recording transcript in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Community


You might also want to reach out directly to, where authorized agents will troubleshoot an issue until it's resolved.

haha, back button or otherwise, same symptom. If you load a meeting page in the web version of Teams through the Calendar app -- then inspect and refresh the page, different objects load. Tough problem to articulate; thanks for the response.
I'm not sure that's exactly the same issue, but it's good info. I think the way transcripts are housed has changed since September -- we were working on a flow to automate it, but now it seems the only place to find the transcripts for meetings (you aren't the host of) is through Calendar. Thanks for the reply.