Teams Toast Notification Showing "Unkown Users" When the Call Comes from Auto Attendant

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We are running in problem where if I assign a direct number to the teams user and call that number the Caller ID of the caller is displayed in Teams Toast notification. But if we route the call via Auto Attendant and then to a call queue like: PSTN>SBC>Auto Attendant>Call Queue and put the same user in the queue, (who was called Earlier) then the Caller ID of the same caller is shown as "Unknown Users". We are using the setup with Direct Routing and Ribbon SBC 1000.


Secondly, If we direct the same caller to a "Person in Organization" and direct all the incoming calls to the same user (Might be an operator) then again the called ID of the caller is "RECEVIED" properly. But whenenver the call enters a call queue, the caller ID turns into "Unknown Users". The incoming call format is already in E.164 Format.


We have cleared the cache of the Teams Application, enabled/disabled the Caller ID policies. Even changing the caller ID policies does not have any affect on the incoming call. The version of the Teams App is " (64-bit)". 


Any Suggestions?

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Hi @Capstar_Solutions ,

I assume you are writing about Reverse number lookup and expected to see the Caller ID's name in the notification window?

If so, this is currently not supported.

It is supported for personal calls but not for calls routed through Call Queue or Auto Attendant.


You can open a feature request or search in the Teams feedback portal if such request already exists:

Dear @Thorsten Pickhan


I don't want a name lookup like CNAME etc. We just want to receive the number on the incoming call.  


If I direct the same call to an "Operator" of a "Person in organization" it sends the number of the caller but if we route the call to a "Call Queue" the number of the caller turns to be "Unknow User".


Here is the two different screenshots. The first one is when the call is not routed via a call queue where we receive the calling number. The second one is when the call is routed to a queue from Auto Attendant and calling number is not received. 

Note: I am not interested in name lookup of the caller.


Without Call Queue.png

Routed Via Call Queue.png

Ok, I understand.
But normally the number in the notification toast over the "unknown user" is the Caller ID.
If it doesn't fit, please check your SBC configuration and log files and take a look at the "From"-Header for this call scenario.

Dear @Thorsten Pickhan


I have checked the complete configuration of the SBC with both E.164 and wihtout E.164 format. The SBC logs shows the complete correct number. Secondly, it should have problems with the "Operator" or "Person in Organziation" options as well if it were to be a problem on the SBC Configuration. It occurs only when the call is routed to a call queue.



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Sorry, I cannot confirm this behaviour in our implementations.

Therefor I would suggest opening a ticket or to run a self-check for the Call Queue by entering the Resource Account mail address from the Microsoft Admin Center.




@Thorsten Pickhan 


Did you work out this issue? I am experiencing the exact same issue.