Teams Timezone issue RDS/Citrix

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Has anyone heard anything about a resolution to the Teams client Time Zone issue in RDS or Citrix environments?  Essentially, the client always reverts to  to system time, not the user's time. Issue has existed for months and no updates that I have seen.


You can read more here

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Hello @jab9417   Did you vote on the Uservoice item?  When you do, you'll receive updates as their offered.  With only 59 votes on this, however, it's unlikely to get prioritized any time soon.

@ThereseSolimeno Yep, that's why I linked the Uservoice article.  I've also have submitted a bug report through the desktop app feedback and through the "Teams for Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure"  Docs page.

Considering this issue is present not only in Citrix, but in RDS and Window Virtual Desktop environments as well you think this would be a bit more pressing of an issue.   This bugs makes Teams useless in VDI scenarios --which are increasingly common as more and more people are working from home.