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We have users in Azure hosted RDS farm and Azure hosted WVD, all using Teams. For every user, Teams is using the host server time zone (UTC) rather than the user's time zone.  This is occurring whether the host server has Teams installed per user or with machine wide install.  I've also tested with a azure VM not attached to RDS or WVD and have the same results, it will not use the correct timestamps.


I can open Teams in a web browser and all the timestamps are correct. I also did a test post in the browser and the post shows correct time in the browser, and incorrect time in the desktop client.


I've found lots of posts about Teams timestamp issues, but most revolve around users on a dedicated computer and not RDS/WVD. None of the suggested ideas have helped my situation.

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Hi @Marc_WSS ,
The 'known issues' page for Teams on VDI was updated over the weekend to list this issue.

Known issues and limitations
Client deployment, installation, and setup

  • Teams currently only shows the UTC time zone in chat, channels, and calendar.
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There is another post about this issue (see link below) where they advise that there is a new client coming on June 20 that will address it.


Have also posted in there about the known issue page being updated.