Teams Tags MS Roadmap Feature 81803. More information?


@Microsoft_Teams_teamOn September 27, the Microsoft Roadmap reflected that Feature ID 81803  has changed to status "Launched." The description includes the following:


" can receive notification for tag membership changes or search for tags in Teams. Tags will also now have a description field so that you can add more details to a tag."


I am not able to find any of these features in Teams Desktop or Teams Web. I reviewed the MS article "Using tags in Teams" and there is no mention of these features there. There is no "more info" link in the MS Roadmap listing either.


Can anyone point to documentation about these new features?

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Thanks, @ThereseSolimeno. I have seen that document. It does not mention how to receive notifications for tag membership changes or how to add a description field to a tag, as mentioned in the rolled out feature description.

As of today, I now see where descriptions can be added (see below). But the capability to alert when Tags are modified still doesn't seem to appear anywhere.







Did the notifications finally appear for you?


It seems the notification feature of tag changes is still rolling out

Hi, @Andres Gorzelany. I do not see tag membership change notifications in Teams, as described in the roadmap item and there is no mention of the feature in the Microsoft doc "Manage tags in Microsoft Teams." The Roadmap shows the product launched, which I believe means that the rollout is complete.

Hello m36five You are right however I could get information that the rollout is not 100% complete. just fyi :)