Teams switching between personal and work accounts

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When opening notifications on the latest iOS & Teams App, my Teams app starts switching between my personal and my work teams over and over again. I don’t use my personal teams, I never did. In the app I choose my work teams and I open a work teams notification, the app still tries to switch between the two teams accounts(?) over and over again until it suddenly stops on my personal account where I have to manually select the work account again to see the message that initially caused the notification I wanted to see.

See the attached screen recording for more details.
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This is incredibly frustrating, if I click on a notification it goes into an infinite loop of switching between the two accounts and I have never used the personal one, the worst part is it made me setup the personal one when I don't ever plan on using it and ever since it's been doing this. I have to swipe the app closed, reopen it and go to my profile and switch back to the organization side. I do not want to have to do this every time so I really try to avoid clicking on the notifications but on occasion I'll be clicking on something at the top of the screen and a notification will pop up at the same time and boom, stuck in the loop. Please someone at Microsoft fix this!!!
Having the same issue with several users. Has Microsoft issued any statements regarding this?

I have heard nothing from Microsoft. @Elliott_Andrews 


I have an Iphone 11 Pro Max this happens on but doesn't happen on my Iphone 12 Pro Max. I have no idea what's causing this, I know I only have notifications on with the Iphone 11 maybe it has to do with that but what's the point of having teams on the device if you can't have your notifications on to avoid this VERY annoying issue?