Teams Switches to Wrong Account

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When I try to log into Teams with my G Suite work email address, it switches me to my personal Gmail account. I created a free Teams account using my G Suite address. When I did, I was not asked to create a password. Instead, it sent a code to my personal Gmail address, which is the recovery address for my G Suite address. The Gmail account is also the address for my paid Microsoft Office account.
Now when I try to log into Teams using my G Suite address, a message appears saying it is it switching to my “other” account then logs me into an account associated with my Gmail address. But I never set up a Teams account for the Gmail address.
I chose the “Work” option when signing up the G Suite account and now Teams has my Gmail account associated with the work name.
I’ve been in touch with a Microsoft “Agent,” “Moderator” but she has been no help. This has been going on for a week.
I tried starting over by following the instructions to “Delete your Teams free organization” but they aren’t applicable. I can’t log into the G Suite account in order to delete it. When I try to log into it, I’m redirected to Gmail. The G Suite account doesn’t show up.
I was told by the “Agent” to log into the Microsoft 365 Admin Center ( with my “initial email id,
admin@[GsuiteDomainName]” I couldn’t do that because it asked for a password, which I don’t have. I was never prompted to set up such an account.
I was finally directed by the “Agent” to post the problem here. I would appreciate any assistance in getting this sorted out.
Thank you.

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@armstrong360 Hey, you didn't mention if you tried incognito/InPrivate Window going online


Same issue?


You can use icognito/InPrivate for the guided deletion of Teams free org. as well.


I always suggest removal of the Teams cache if using the desktop app, so you can try that as well if not already done. Go via Start and type %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams, hit enter and delete all content in the Teams folder to reset the app. If on mac ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams/


If no luck remove the app and reinstall it.

@ChristianBergstrom Thank you. I tried all of those steps but got the same result. 

I tried private mode but it sent me to the G mail account instead of the G Suite account.

I deleted the cache and tried to log in again. Same result.

And I deleted the application. When I tried to sign back in with the G Suite account it said "It looks like you already have an account" and sent me to the Gmail account again. 

Is there some way to delete the G Suite account and start over? Or can Microsoft figure out what's going on on the back end? 

Any other solutions?

Thank you.

Is anyone from Microsoft on this group? Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Thank you.

Hello @armstrong360 Thank you for your comment.  The Tech Community is by and for users and it includes many experts in the use of Teams - it's rare that a Microsoft person replies to a message because there are so many capable users in the community (I just happened to see this post doing other research).  If you'd like direct support from a Microsoft, you can go to or  Hope this helps.