Teams stops working when I switch accounts

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I have to switch regularly between my university staff account and my student account for classes and meetings on Teams, but I've found when I log out of one account and try to login with another it only works maybe half the time? It'll take a long time to load on the second login and then when it finally logs in, usually it will just show a blank white screen. Sometimes restarting the computer will jumpstart it, but usually it'll just stay a white screen until I uninstall the program entirely and reinstall it. It's incredibly frustrating and I've been having this problem for a year. 

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Sometimes I experience the same, I am pretty sure the team is working on that, what I do is use alternate tenants on browser and/or different browser profiles, that way I reduce the need to log off/log in and can be connected to both at the same time... can that work for you?

Another possibility is that you clear the Teams cache regularly and see if that improves it.
This is still happening as of 10/26/2022. Windows 11.