Teams STILL laggy especially in video calls

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Hey community,


I read some of the existing blog posts but could not find a solution. 


During video calls my whole Laptop (MS Surfacebook 2, i7, 16GB RAM) lags. It is simply impossible to write e.g. an email in parallel, switching windows, loading times are really annoying and sometimes even the mouse curser is not as smooth as it should be. 

I tried many tips & tricks like updating all video drivers, disable gpu acceleration, closing tabs in chrome, turning on the new Teams experience etc. but NOTHING really improved the situation.

I have no issues with zoom in our large enterprise by the way. :)


Is there any MS mod who can at least give a statement? 

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@_seb79 are you using Teams with a Office 365 business account ?

if yes, open a support ticket and take logs on your computer. To do that then Teams is open, press CTRL+SHIFT+1 and also on the right down corner in the windows bar, right click on Teams icon (near the clock) and then click on obtain logs. You will send all theses logs to the support team. 

@Kevin TRELOHAN will do so. thanks.

@Kevin TRELOHAN I am experiencing the same issues on my windows 10 device, and just submitted a ticket via Teams desktop program. Really hoping fora response as the amount of troubleshooting my IT team and I have done is next level. We've run out of ideas on what it could be.

Was there a reply to this yet?

I am having the same issues. I use to get Bad Network issues whenever there are more than 10 users in the Teams Meeting;and it gets intermittent disconnected from the network.