Teams status does not reflect availability

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All calendar entries are visible within the Teams calendar, but unfortunately the Teams status does not reflect availability (free/busy status).


I thought if there is an appointment in my Outlook/exchange the Teams status changes reflecting the availability?


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Can anyone help me out here? Thanks


If you have items in your Outlook calendar they should carry over to Microsoft Teams calendar.  From what you are saying, you are seeing those items in the Microsoft Teams calendar.  In that case, your presence in Microsoft Teams should mirror your Outlook presence.  If you have a meeting at 9:00 a.m. that was scheduled in your Outlook calendar, it should show you as busy at 9:00 a.m. in Teams.


This doesn't sound right.  Please select the question mark icon on at the bottom left hand side of your client and report the issue to our team.  Here's some more information on how presence works:


Thanks for reaching out.

@Laurie Pottmeyer I have same issue. Teams status not reflecting Outlook calendar available/busy. Skype entreprise did. 




@Thomsch Same here. Super frustrating as people interrupt you when it should show me as unavailable.


Microsoft - please fix. This was a great feature of Skype for Business.  Otherwise I'm going to use Skype to set my free busy status from Outlook, and therefore colleague chat will launch in Teams instead of Skype....

Did you ever get a definitive answer on this?

Mine seems to work find and does reflect when I am busy in the calendar, when I am out of office etc, nut 2 anomalies -

1. I can never get my status to show "In a meeting" - only Busy it in a call
2. When I am Out of Office it makes me available

Anyone else had any issues?

Try clicking your profile pic, then the status drop-down menu, then "Reset Status."



@mburkhardt You are awesome that fixed my issue

@mburkhardt Perfect! that fixed my issue



The suggestion did not work for me.  The issue is with the flexibility that Outlook calendar events have to schedule an appointment on you calendar and then add a quality to that like, free, busy, etc.  Teams see all appointments as unavailable and then you show with a red dot.  Even for calendar events that are informative for your team or organization, like, Working Remotely.  I would to see my status for this appointment on Teams as free, that is how I created the appointment in Outlook.  That is the issue.





Hi there -

If you set your meeting as "free" in Outlook, your Teams calendar should show it the same way and your presence will reflect that. For instance, I am currently not in a meeting but my daughter's camp is on my calendar so I show as "free" even though there is a meeting on my calendar during this hour since in Outlook it was scheduled showing me as "free". If you tried "reset status" like the community member above shared and it's still not working for you, this should be reported to support. You can go to and they can help to troubleshoot.


Here's a link to some more information as well - hope this helps. 

I have this issue as well, two years later it has not been fixed, with New Teams the issue has gotten worse for me. If my calendar is full of meetings it will show I am busy, but it also says "free all day" in my status even though i am NOT at all free. None of these suggestions has worked.