Teams status change to Away if Teams Desktop Application is in the background

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Since some week our users having the problem that the Teams status change to Away if they are working on a document or working in a web application. It takes like 2-3 minutes.  


Usually it should only change to Away if the computer is really Idle and not if the application is just in the background. Does anyone else having this issue? Or maybe a solution?

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If the Team Application is not running in the forefront it will show away. I assume this is happening on the either a MAC Book or on the Mobile devices or we are using a VDI environment.

Try the following setting Click on the Status Option > Set the Status for a specific duration. This should fix the issue.

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Satish U
This is happening on a Windows Laptop. And the issue appeard some weeks ago. Not on all users at the same time but more and more as it seems. But if I just work on a word document or writing an email and my Teams goes to away, it just make no sense and people don't call me anymore and think I am really aways. But I am available acutally. And to set the status manually is not the idea of this feature.

Can you also try to pin the Teams Application on your desktop taskbar on the Windows machine and observe the behavior's?

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Satish U