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I am wondering if it is at all possible to install the Microsoft Teams add-in for outlook as a standalone without having to install the full Microsoft Teams software on our servers for the users.


We currently use Microsoft Remote Desktop Services as our VDI Environment for users to log onto, from previous teams installations the performance of teams almost stalled the servers and hence we had to uninstall teams which brought performance to normality.


As we currently use teams via the via the browser which works well for use without the video aspect, i wanted to see if the MS teams add-in is available separately without having to install the full software


Also i cannot see a 'lightweight' version of teams out there for an RDS deployment that i can see


Any pointers would be welcome



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Hi @manchesterBazza 


Since you are using the Online Version of Microsoft Teams and if the services are integrated with Microsoft Office 365 Services the best Solution I would recommend is using OWA (Outlook Web Access) to schedule the Microsoft Teams Meeting.


The Standalone version of Microsoft Teams Add-in for Outlook is not available. Hence we can use the workaround of scheduling the meeting the OWA.


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Satish U

Hi @RealTime_M365 


Many thanks for getting back to me, let me check this out


On connecting to OWA i do not see any options for a Calendar on the left where i would expect to, also i will need to see if this service is enabled for using teams with OWA


I think this would throw some users off as they prefer the on prem outlook and so we may have to install teams on our RDS services for this purpose


Thanks again

Hi @manchesterBazza 


If you think OWA would be a difficult option. They can schedule the meeting from the Microsoft Teams Calendar Option also. They can define the time and schedule the meeting from the calendar option in Microsoft Teams only issue will be scheduling assistant will not be available.


Here are some links for your assistance.


See if using the second link if you could get the Microsoft Teams Add-in Installed.


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Satish U



Hi @manchesterBazza 


In addition here is how to schedule the meeting from OWA


1. Login into Microsoft Outlook Web Access

2. On the Left Hand-side Bottom Click on the Second Icon > Calendar

3. Select the Date and Time 

4. Click on Teams Meeting Check Box to Enable 

5. Send the Meeting Invite to the Respective Recipients


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Satish U  

Thanks @RealTime_M365

I shall give this a go and let you know



Apologies for the delay, in OWA i see no option to tick a box for scheduling a teams meeting, i think i may have to install the full teams suite on each of our RDs servers to get this working


Thanks for your assistance

@manchesterBazzaThe OWA plugin is fairly new.  See the Microsoft article about it: (dated 18 May 2022)


It also clarifies that there is still no option for the plugin without the full Teams client being installed.


I have seen some threads about with workarounds in.  Good luck if you want to follow that route.