Teams slowing down my Surface device. Why is there so many processes and how do I stop it?

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Hi all,

I've been using Teams to do my college work and calls. I have a surface go with less than 4gb of ram ("premium devices" clearly) and I've noticed that when teams is running, everything is really slow. I've looked on task manager and there's 8 processes of Teams which is accounting for nearly 80% of my ram usage. 

Why is there so many processes being ran? Can I reduce them? 


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Teams allocates lots of RAM memory and then releases it when other processes needs it!

Have a look here on how to optimize teams and see if something helps you:

How teams uses RAM


@adam deltinger That's now how memory management in Windows works... Teams itself has no way of being notified that other processes need more memory, and read-ahead caching and other shared process memory shouldn't be taking up 80% of the available RAM.