Teams Slowdown the Network by 70% - Bug or Normal ?

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I have Teams Starting after Windows 11 Startup, and after starting Teams the Network slowdown by 70%. After ending Teams the Network do not recover the speed stay by 70% slow.


If i do not start Teams Automaticaly, the speed of the network is by 100% so normal. Starting Teams manually slow the network again by 70%


Some remarks or information apreciate...



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@RobertoGonzalezDelank interesting. Is this happening all the time or just a few times behind each other? It could be that it is loading new updates but that is just a guess. You would need to get the full network use and requests via Fiddler to say more about this issue.



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@paul keijzers 


That is happening all the time after starting Teams-New (At least one time).

After stoping Teams-New the problem of Networkt slowed down continue until Windows Workstation reboot.


I can reproduce this behaibior all the time


PS.: I have at the moment no time to go Feeddler ... so perhaps in an other oportunity really busy.