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Hi, Recently microsoft release a resource that allow Microsoft Teams to chat with Skype for Consumers. But I've tried to use it without success. Anyone knows how status this feature really is?


After add a skype user and type a message, returns an error, like "...try again later"




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Hi @jeanfernandes

It is working and is now generally available. See my blog here


1.) Going through the blog and see if that works, including checking to see if external access is enabled and not locked down to specific domains. To note if you have just turned external access on it can take up to 24 hours to propagate
2.) Check with the person you are messaging to check you (the teams user) is not on their block list
3.) Check that the skype user is not on your block list in teams
4.) If all is ok try from the web client at and the mobile app
5.) If it still doesn't work in the desktop client, try logging out and back in again

Hope that helps and answers your question. Let me know how you get on

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard Hi, first of all thanks for your reply. I already tried all steps on some tutorials with no success... including yours. 


External Access Enabled with no Domains blocked


The users test users are not in the block list too.


When I am adding a new chat with a skype user and say hello, appears a friendship request, and after I accept on skype, nothing happens, I send a message from it to teams and not arrives, and otherwise the same thing, with a difference that appear an error.


On Skype


 On teams.



I really don't know what I do anymore, I've tried so lot of tutorials.




I have a few things for you to try. As said, the service is available GA so it ought to work

1.) Can you set up a new Skype account at and test with that. Once you have deployed it try chatting with your Teams user via Skype
2.) Try logging out and back into Teams, including try clearing the cache before logging back in (

Let me know how you get on with that

Best, Chris