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Our local devices region is set to Australia, time zone set to Australia but the date stamp in teams is showing as US date stamp. If i change the "App Language" in teams from English US to English Australia it fixes the issue but i have no way to do this globally for all users. I thought Teams was supposed to use the local device region? Anyone got a fix for this? Only started happening after the last update 

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Hi @Ralphski,

yes, you are correct.
Microsoft Teams is designed to use the regional settings of the local device by default. If you're experiencing an issue where Teams is not reflecting the correct date stamp based on the local device settings, it could be a bug or a configuration issue.

I reccomend you to submit feedback through the Microsoft Teams app.

You can do this by navigating to "Help" and then selecting "Give Feedback".
This will allow you to describe the issue they're facing. 


You can also post the issue on the Microsoft Feedback Portal. Here is the link: Microsoft Feedback Portal.
This is a more formal channel for reporting bugs and issues, and Microsoft engineers actively monitor and respond to feedback here.

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