Teams Shortcut/Program Corruption?

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I've had an ongoing issue with much of my user base where nightly, the Teams updater is hosing the entire Teams installation. It appears that the entire Teams folder at C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Teams goes completely missing. Since Teams is run from that folder, the Teams shortcut is still there, but in a broken state and just a white square for the icon. 


I've also noticed that there's a folder called Teams-backup at C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Local\Microsoft\ with a timestamp of a little after 11:00 PM each night. If I check the event log, there's a bunch of entries around that time with GUID {731F6BAA-A986-45A4-8936-7C3AAAAA760B}. A quick Google search reveals that it is the GUID for the Teams machine wide installer. The messages seem to continue in the event log until approximately 11:37. Almost like it fails out and keeps trying for about 30 minutes, then just quits trying.


I've trying clearing the Teams cache and every other Teams folder wihtout success. I've double checked Intune app installs and GPO to make sure something hasn't gotten corrupted there as well. Microsoft support has been unable to identify a root cause for close to a month and my user base is getting  testy having to reinstall the app every day. 


Has anyone else maybe run into this and can offer some insight? Thanks!



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@jdupuis79 The MWI doesn't keep running, something must be telling it to run, what's triggering it? It will install under programme files and  schedule a task for the user login to install the Teams client to AppData then it's done. 


The Teams client's update process will run when the device is sufficiently idle, it's not on a timer to run at any particular time. Once you have the client installed you can do a check for updates and it'll bring itself up to date then, so it would be rare there is any new release if it's checking again the same day.


Something in your GPO/Intune etc. sounds like its running something it shouldn't.