Teams Shifts - Roaming employees and double booking.

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I think I know the answer already but just needed a sanity check.


A company has two retail stores (StoreA and StoreB) and each of these stores has 5 permanent employees.  Setting up Shifts in Teams I've created 2 Teams, one called StoreA and the other StoreB and added the permanent employees of each store to the the relevant team.  Now the tricky bit, the company has 2 employees that move between the two stores.  Again both of these employees have been added to each of the Teams.  The issue is that I can easily double book an employee as there doesn't seem to be any availability checking if the shift has been allocated in a different Team.  I can kinda understand why but also this scenario can't be unique so I would have expected something to be in place to prevent or at least warn the user?



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Hi Rob,

Seems to be the limitation on the Microsoft Shifts App. I tried the same in my lab and I am seeing the same issue. We should report it via the feedback portal.

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Satish Upadhyaya