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We are trying to set up our Firstline Workers using Teams Shifts. I have created the policy for OffShift Message using the default settings just to see if a notification pops up telling the user they are Off shift and there is no message.

Manage shift-based access for Firstline Workers in Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


I really want to use a custom message, but there was notification for that one either.


I have created the policy and granted this to the test user.

I have a shift created, that works great on the handheld android tablet and when I change the shifts the user gets notified.


Has anyone gotten the OffShift message to work? If yes, how?









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@Denise Child 


Hi Denise, did you build your powershell command based on this article?


New-CsTeamsShiftsPolicy (MicrosoftTeamsPowerShell) | Microsoft Docs


The powershell command would look something like this


New-CsTeamsShiftsPolicy -Identity OffShiftAccessMessage1Always -EnableShiftPresence $true -ShiftNoticeFrequency always -ShiftNoticeMessageType CustomMessage -ShiftNoticeMessageCustom This is my custom message -AccessType UnrestrictedAccess_TeamsApp -AccessGracePeriodMinutes 5


Note with custom message -ShiftNoticeMessageType is CustomMessage


Also note that you have to add another cmd called -ShiftNoticeMessageCustom with your message


If that doesn't work, and you are not seeing it, then I would raise a ticket to Microsoft to look into why it isn't applying. Once resolved, they should need to update the docs article


Hope that helps to answer your question 


Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard  I am able to see the default message on the tablet now. I have not looked at this since I posted this message.


I'm switching to the custom message and do have the correct settings from the Microsoft article you reference.


Not sure how long it takes to update, but I will keep checking. I have shutdown and logged off a couple times. It is still showing the default message in Teams.


I followed the instructions to remove the default message policy after assigning the new custom message policy.