Teams/Shifts - Geolocation of user

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The "time reporting export" function in Teams shows in "clocked in/out location" only a "true" or "false". It obviously does not allow to determine how far away the user was from the "time clock location". Is there any way to have Teams export or report the exact geolocation or, if that is not possible, allow the user to login only within a specific geographic area?   

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Not sure from a Teams perspective. I don't recall seeing it. But you could probably utilize conditional access policies and only allow login from certain networks for that user if that's what you mean that the user must be at a static location to use Teams and to Clock in etc.

@Chris WebbThanks Chris. I wonder how I can restrict a login to certain networks, given that the users have Teams installed on their mobile phones so they can always chose to connect to the internet through the 4G network, not necessarily through Wifi. 

Yeah if it's 4g networks then you don't have much choice to my knowledge. You could probably build a custom identity provider somehow that checks for gps coordinates, but nothing out of the box available that I know of.

Hey @DanielSB , is there anyway to show the original coordinates from user instead of only showing true or false status at teams shift report?

@amaulana @DanielSB Is there a way to show the coordinates of the clock-in and clock-out locations? The boolean value in the report is not useful to me; I need the actual coordinates for my organization because there are dozens of valid locations.