Teams shifts and timecard for non IT

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Hi, we would like to know if there is a way to use Teams shifts and timeclock for non technical users.  For example, chefs and waiters in our restaurant, housekeeping staff that never uses computers, maintenance staff, that never uses computers.  Essentially people who never use computers at the level of administrative Teams features.


Is there  way to deploy a public touchscreen terminal in the restaurant or assembly line floor for timeclock in and out?  An esy solution for bilingual employees? Instead of using a punch card, it asks for the employee ID, PIN and then clock in or clock out?


Is there a way to create shifts for our landscapers, janitorial staff, etc?  They don't need true email accounts, just a user ID and a public location terminal to clock in and out.

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@JasonPerkins This is kinda the point of shifts, for these type of 'firstline' workers to access from their personal phones, and so not require a PC and all the associated costs and complexity. They clock in using their phone, you can optionally set a geofence to see if they aren't actually near a location.

They will all need a license, but there is a specific type called F3 that provides them with a far lower cost and focused on the features they would need. 


Office 365 F3 | Office 365 (

I think you are missing the point. Imagine an assembly line with employees who don't all use smartphones. Or a Housekeeping department, with different generations of employees, some who still don't embrace technological advancement like smartphones. I don't think a restaurant dishwasher or bus person needs this license.

@JasonPerkins So the simple answer to your question is then no, there is not a way to have users access a kiosk and not have a users account but use Shifts.


I used to work for a large retailer with 70K staff across many generations, although there was objection to being 'required' to use their own devices the benefits to them of being able to trade shifts ultimately avoided needing a fallback solution. The deal worked for them.