Teams SharePoint News Connector does not always work!

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Has anyone else experienced when posting a news article the news connector does not always post a message in teams?  I created a news article a couple of days ago and waited a few hours for it to post in teams, it didn't!  So I just manually posted a message with a link to the news article. 


Just created another news article today and as soon as the page was created (not even published) suddenly the news I posted a couple of days ago posted to Teams.


The news I created today did not post to Teams when published, so I went back to the post and clicked on Edit page and before I re-published, it posted to Teams.

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Hi @Tanya Denton,

I have heard of one or two instances using the news connector although it’s never happened personally to me. If it’s inconsistent it sounds like an issue or bug is causing it as the connector should be consistent when publishing the news.

I would either raise a ticket to support, or raise a bug on the Microsoft Uservoice here ( with prefix BUG: so they will look into it in time, or raise this at the next Teams AMA.

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard many thanks, will pop a bug on.

@Tanya Denton Did you post a bug and can share the link? We've had similar results - sometimes news articles will post immediately to Teams, and other times they will not post until we go back into the article and hit edit (then the article will show up in Teams)

@Tanya Denton 


Same! When I post a news article, SPO pushes the previous article to Teams; it's not pushing the most recent which means the relevancy is diminished.


Have you gotten feedback from Microsoft? I love this connector but it's not very useful if it doesn't push the news right away. 

@Sarah Stillings I haven't seen that specific issue where it posts the previous article. However, when we were seeing the delay, we would then go back into the article to edit & re-publish, which would force it to show up in Teams...I don't think we ever posted a 2nd article before making sure the previous one was already showing.


That said, we had that issue for about a month, and here for last week or so, everything has been working as expected. Articles have shown up in Teams within 30 seconds or so after publishing.

@Tanya Denton I have the same issue! If indeed you raised a bug, please post the link. Thanks!

I added this to my Teams channel, then created a news item in the relevant sharepoint site. Nothing appeared. I left it 15 minutes at least.

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Hi all,

I believe the bug that @Tanya Denton raised on Uservoice is here

Would vote for it. I would also raise a ticket referencing this bug as they ought to raise it up to the product team. The more tickets opened for this the more likely they are to fix it

Best, Chris

I have the same problem. I have a feeling that SharePoint News Connector works correct until I created Flow which publish SharePoint News in Teams. I rather like to resign from Flow and use SP News Connector.

Any news about fixing the bug?


P.S. Yes I have already voted on UserVoice ;)

I haven't been able to find confirmation, but it appears this has been disabled.


I noticed our news connector was no longer working, even after some of the workarounds mentioned such as editing and re-publishing an article. Checking the Connectors on my Teams channel, the Sharepoint News connector was no longer listed at the top under "my connectors", and it's not available in the list of connectors to add it back.

@crichmond it's still available for me - I added it last night.  However, I have yet to receive any notification from it to hint that the issues been resolved. It would be pretty handy right now.  

@JaneyC I just checked again and it was there, sort of :\


When I went into the channel to add the app, it wasn't listed as available, but when I went to the general "Apps" button on the left-hand icon toolbar, I could search to find it, and then it asked which channel to add it to.


The good news after adding it back and doing a test news article on the linked Sharepoint site, it almost immediately added it to the Teams channel. The bad news is that if it didn't work for you, then it appears to still be buggy :(  I'll do some more article over the next few weeks and see if it continue to work correctly or stops again.

The issue still exist. 

Tried to edit and republish which posted the news article in my Teams channel. 

However this is not good enoug, and it would be nice to have a fix on this as it is confusing for users when news dont pop ut in Teams channel as expected. 


@Tanya Denton Hiya - I noticed this exact thing and started experimenting with what browser I was using to post the News. I've been noticing that sometimes when using Chrome for SharePoint editing, usual functions would disappear - e.g. the Publish button on new News items - this gave me an idea. 

I'd been editing and posting News using Chrome and the Connector didn't pick it up (even after immediately going to Edit, Save a draft then Republish - silence from the channel). But when I switched to publishing the News using Edge or Explorer - the connector picked it up pretty quickly each time.

So now I use Edge to Publish, Edit, Save a draft, Republish, and BAM! the connector works. Hope this helps you! :)


Your workaround is working perfectly in case of a public channel...thanks for this.

That said, In my case my set up is the following one:

I created a team with different private channels (linked to the corresponding private sharepoint site) and by default the General channel which is public.

I have configured in each of these channel the SharePoint News connector (including the General Channel) and the following behaviour is happening (using Edge or not).

If I post a news from the General Sharepoint site, the News is published into the different channels (public and private)

If I post a news in one of the private channel, no news is published in the corresponding Teams channel.

Are there any thoughts on this issue?




Hi Matthieu, thanks for your feedback! Your issue sounds frustrating! Bear with me - I am not 100% sure that I am understanding what you are trying to achieve.. are you saying that when you publish News from SharePoint (intended for a private channel) that the connector isn't picking it up within the private channel?

If yes, I would suggest removing the News Connector and try re-adding it to the private channel (and double-check that you have configured the correct Site News within the Connector).
Add/remove News connector instructions here 
Keep me posted, I'd like to puzzle through this together if we can! :)


 thank you for coming back to me.

Yes this is exactly what is happening anytime we create a private channel.

This only workgin (using Edge) when the channel is public.

I tried to remove the News Connector and re-install it's not working.

I contacted MS support... because I don't find any solution.

@Matth_zapiens Gotcha. I suspect the issue is because the channel you are trying to publish News to is a private channel.

- Not all Microsoft Teams features are available in private channels (e.g. planner) because they have pretty strict ties/permissions to the attached SharePoint Group that comes with the MS Team.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

- A question though; if News is being published to the public General channel, do you even need to publish it privately; wouldn't that just be duplication? :smile: