Teams/SharePoint cant edit documents anymore with SharePoint License

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Since last one week, users can't edit documents using MS Teams app and Web browsers but they can still edit in when opening a document in Desktop applications like Work, excel etc. They edit permissions do work when assigning SharePoint plan 2 service under M365 license. But it used to be work without enabling SharePoint Plan 2 service. Enabling SharePoint service means also enabling OneDrive for Business which I do not want to do at this stage.


Is there anything changed in this space? that users must have Sp plan 2 license to use these services in Teams? Any help would be appreciated

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@Gurpz2070 What kind of license do they have to start with?

I would recommend to create a ticket for this as this is not normal behaviour.
thank you @paul
Its now resolved - Here is the response from Microsoft. At the end, we had to remove ClipChamp license for it to work.
"Per the product group clipchamp which is a new license that was added recently doesn’t come with WAC license by default which is causing the issue. Currently you must remove ClipChamp license or add SPO Plan 2 & Office for the web license to the affected users. PG is also working to add the edit permission to the Clipchamp license however there is no ETA for this."