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Can an external user accessing Teams shared channel SharePoint site view people search results? It does not appear to be working for us. We are trying to build a people search solution using PnP Search Web parts and host the search pages on shared channel site. Search is working well when accessed by the resource tenant user. However, when an external user browses to search tab in shared channel, page loads Ok, but search is returning errors. I tried the get search REST API (

<shared channel site url>/_api/search/query?)

query directly in browser tab while in a shared channel browser session and query is returning 'An unknown error occurred.'.

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If the error persists, reinstall Teams as follows:
Uninstall Teams.
Browse to the %appdata%\Microsoft folder on the user's computer, and delete the Teams folder.
Download and install Teams. If possible, reinstall Teams as an administrator.

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@Gurdev Singh That would be expected, a B2B Direct user only has permissions to the teams they are members of.