Teams-SfB Forced Migration Pains

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We are a smaller 20-50 user ICT service organisation and were forced to migrate to Teams from SfB in our Office 365 Business Premium subscription.
Many of our customers are large enterprise organisations who are still on SfB (and still have a 2 year grace period) in the Microsoft cloud. 
While we were still on SfB we could easily do a lot of stuff with SfB users from our customers that are no longer available with Teams:
- Share Desktop

- Paste images and/or documents into a chat (Now we can do text only chats only - Back to the mainframe era ?)

- Do meetings (we need to launch a separate SfB web meetings app to do that)

and some other less inconveniences…

IMHO a forced migration to Teams for smaller tenants is a complete wrong strategy as Teams obviously still isn't ready while it is still missing basic features like the ones mentioned above.


Is there a way to deactivate this forced migration and go back to our beloved SfB (which also had some shortcomings of course) which provided us teh means to get our work done more effectively?



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@PeHobe I don't see any way of going back to Skype. I just tried setting the tenant upgrade policy and user upgrade policy to "islands" or "sfbonly" via PowerShell, but it's not possible anymore. I had the slight hope that it would be still possible there, but nope.


> Grant-CsTeamsUpgradePolicy -Global -PolicyName tag:islands
TeamsUpgradePolicy cannot be set because Microsoft has already upgraded this organization.


Don't know about the screenshot stuff, but screen sharing from Teams to Skype is coming see road-map item:

The meetings thing isn't a big deal, once they move to Teams that issue will go away. No different than having to join another companies Zoom or webex meeting.

As for being able to roll back that's not possible any longer. I agree the whole screen sharing should have been released along with a couple other things before forcing people to switch :).