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Hi, I have a microsoft 365 personal account, and I've downloaded teams on my MacBook Pro.


When I enter my login credentials I am getting the following message...


Someone has already set up Teams for your organisation Ask your admin to get you started with Teams, or set up another org in Teams using a different email address.


I've not used this before and need it for a job interview. Can anyone help please ?


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Seems someone used that domain address to set up teams or another Trial in Microsoft 365. Try finding out!

Also if you’re just invited to a Teams meeting you don’t have to set up Teams! Just download the client or use the web browser to access the meeting via the meeting link in the invitation



To join a meeting you won't need a login, just click the link they send you and let teams run in the browser (Chrome or Edge).


@Steven Collier 


Thank you.


@Ross_Manister You can get this message when logging to O365 personal account using a corporate email address with an existing O365 business license for the domain. Try to use another email address.